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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate offers high potential returns and exceptional stability.
Opportunistic Investments
We specialize in opportunistic investments in undervalued commercial properties poised for high yield.

AIP Capital seeks to optimize overall investment performance through acquisitions with value-add capital improvement opportunities and by implementing disciplined operational procedures. A strong understanding of commercial operations is critical when making investments in these sectors. For each investment, we apply a comprehensive approach that includes market evaluation and financial analytics to ensure strong returns while mitigating risk. AIP Capital and Capri Capital have formed a joint venture platform to acquire $500MIL+ of Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) pr

Acquisition Criteria
Strategic Parameters for Investment Growth

Setting the stage for successful investments, our acquisition criteria are meticulously defined to ensure we target assets with the highest potential for value creation. Located in strategic urban locales and adhering to specific size and zoning requirements, each property is selected to align with our rigorous standards for growth and performance. Whether it's single assets or expansive portfolios, our focus is on properties poised for excellence.

Tenant Profile
Diverse Commercial Tenants for Robust Portfolio

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